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For new parents, finding appropriate skin care products for their babies and children is a priority.
In this context, it is important to know, which products are most suitable to perfectly protect and care for the delicate skin.

PAEDIROTECT Skin Care products offer gentle care skin as well as hair.

PAEDIPROTECT Alpine Sunscreen

Sun protection during the winter season?

Of course! Even in the cold season, dangers lurk, especially in the mountains due to higher UV exposure and freezing cold. The high-quality formula with SPF 50+ protects and cares for the skin under extreme conditions.

Holistic vegan production

In the course of the development as well as the production of our products, we work according to the statutes of the Vegan Society and PETA. We do not carry out animal experiments, nor do we use animal ingredients in our products.

PAEDIPROTECT Marine Sunscreen

Skin that is not used to solar radiation can develop sunburn within a few minutes.

Therefore, PAEDIPROTECT Marine Sunscreen offers a highly effective filter system without octocrylene and nanoparticles, which protects the skin reliably from harmful UVA/UVB radiation.

In addition, a highly effective anti-sand texture significantly reduces the sticking of sand on the skin.

PAEDIPROTECT Marine Sunscreen is the ideal companion for the whole family during summer holidays!

PAEDIPROTECT Mountain Sunscreen

Mountain sun can be very damaging to the sensitive skin of children and adults.

PAEDIPROTECT Mountain Sunscreen offers extensive protection thanks to a modern and highly effective UVA / UVB filter system. Organic alpine rose extract restores the skin’s elasticity and has an anti-oxidant effect.

All-round protection for all sports and leisure activities!