Social Issues

We report about our social commitment in the region.

Social Commitment

Paedi Protect AG is proud of its long-standing cooperation with Lahnwerkstätten Marburg, an institution for people with disabilities. It is great to have found a reliable partner, who is at the company’s side, when it comes to packing of the promotional goods and other things.

Apprenticeship as anchor in the region

Identification with the company is also an important factor. Paedi Protect AG therefore offers people from the region the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship. This way, a mutual trust between the company and the region can be reached.

Moreover, Paedi Protect AG’s products are “Made in Germany” from the development to the filling.

Since Paedi Protect AG also cares about wildlife, we have taken on the sponsorship of a gentoo penguin at Frankfurt Zoo, apposite to “Pauli”.