Frequently asked questions
How do I use the Wind & Weather Cream?

Gently apply a strip of Wind & Weather Cream on the unprotected areas of the skin before going outside. Do not use on open skin areas. Avoid contact with the eyes. to maintain protection, re-cream if necessary.

How do I use PAEDIPROTECT sun protection products?

Apply the sunscreen generously to the entire body before sunbathing. Small application quantities reduce the protection considerably. Do not apply to open areas of skin. Especially after sweating, sunbathing or swimming, reapply the sunscreen to maintain protection. Babies and toddlers should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should also wear protective clothing. Despite the use of a sunscreen, do not stay in the sun too long. Any sunburn will cause lasting damage to the skin and must be avoided! Excessive sunbathing increases the risk of cancer! Avoid contact with eyes. You should also avoid contact with textiles and surfaces – permanent stains may occur.

Can the creams be used for sensitive skin / neurodermatitis?

The creams have been specially developed for sensitive skin. However, we recommend testing each product on a small area of skin, such as the elbow.

Are the creams free of animal testing?

Yes, our products are free of animal testing. According to the EU cosmetic regulations, animal testing have been banned since 2013.

Are the products vegan?

PAEDIPROTECT Alpine Sunscreen SPF 50+, PAEDIPROTECT Marine Sunscreen SPF 50+, as well as PAEDIPROTECT Mountain Sunscreen SPF 50 are vegan.

The cream contains water, can it cause frostbites to the face?

Water-in-oil emulsions (W/O), such as PAEDIPROTECT Alpine Sun Cream and PAEDIRPOTECT Wind & Weather Cream, are among the “real” emulsions. This means that each water drop is surrounded by a lipid layer.

This form of emulsion always feels a little richer than the more common oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions, and thus provides an optimal protective film on the skin.

When applied to the skin, this protective film remains intact, on the outside there is only a protective film. This type of emulsion is ideal for sensitive skin and adverse weather conditions.


The texture is easy to apply, absorbed quickly and significantly reduces the sticking of sand to the skin.